November 1905 - Carrs and Margarets? WHB top right
Barisal 1904 - Back: Boyer Miss EW Dennis, Mrs I, Confery, Beatson Bell. Middle: Miss M,Mrs V, Majur, Mrs C, MissW, Miss Law. Front: J Meathrill, Miss W, X, Miss Beatson Bell, Weatherall, WHB, Swaine
Sonepur Meet - November 1904 - Back: Cartwright, Mrs FM, E McWhillen, Marshall, Carlyle, Miss Graham, Mrs O, Capt. Jackson. Middle: Benjamin McKerchar, Tommy Graham, Mrs Peterson, Bonham Carter, Miss Bell, Peterson, McAlpine,. Front: Jacky Rutherford, Mary, WHB, Miss Cousins, Abdy Collins, Miss Tilgate, Swan.
November 1905 - Chupra now known as Chapra, in Saran District of Bihar where WHB was often based.
November 1905 - Manager’s House, Hathwa
November 1905 - Sonepur Meet
November 1905 - Ivy,Georgeos, Plowden, Mrs Bull, Lockhart, Mrs Georgeos, Miss L, WHB, and Bunty Georgeos at Sonepur Meet
November 1905 - Sonepur Meet - Ivy, Bull and WHB
November 1905 - Sonepur Meet - Banham’s Camp
November 1905 - Sonepur Meet
November 1905 - Sonepur Meet - “Sales Pitch”
November 1905 - Old Courts at Gobindpur, East of Calcutta
November 1905 - New Courts at Dhanbad, Jharkhand
THE JOHN BUCHAN STORY Peebles, Scottish Borders
November 1905 - On the way to Sonepur Meet
November 1905 - Travelling to Sonepur Meet
November 1905 - A group at Sonepur Meet with WHB front centre
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William Buchan1904-1905