September 1906 - Port Said entrance to the Suez Canal
September 1906 - A canal dredger
September 1906 - Capt Rawlings and Frenais
September 1906 - Port Said
September 1906 - Mrs Maddock
September 1906 - “Old Aden like a Craniach Shore”
September 1906 - The Bombay approaches
September 1906 - Bombay from Malabar Hill
October 1906 - Rislej Dansh and Island, Gobindpur
November 1906 - BDO’s Bungalow, Gopalganj, Bihar
October 1906 - Coal Mine, Jharia - F W Heilgen - WHB dealing with a colliery sanitation scheme. “My dear old friend Heilgen, who is the concentrated salt of the Earth” - WHB to Anna 22/10/06.
November 1906 - Mrs Maidlaw
November 1906 - In the ground of Belvedere, the official fesidence of the Lieutenant Governor of Bengal
November 1906 - Belvedere. A temporary posting to Alipur, Calcutta as Joint Magistrate but also to help with Lady Minto’s Fete
November 1906 - South Staircase, Belvedere
November 1906 - Belvedere Calcutta - now the National Library
November 1906 - Barbara - WHB’s favourite polo pony
October 1906, SDO’s Bungalow, Gobindpur, Jharkhand
Date unknown - WHB in his office
Date unknown - School Photograph
October 1906 - Jafan Sheikh at Chapnanji
THE JOHN BUCHAN STORY Peebles, Scottish Borders
September 1906 - On board SS Arabia outward bound for India. Gus Hunter buying picture postcards at Port Said. WHB spent spring and summer of 1906 in Scotland
September 1906 - Departing Port Said
September 1906 - Cairo to Port Said express alongside the Suez Canal
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