February 1907 - Walter Adie - Calcutta
February 1907 - WHB - Calcutta
February 1907 - Magistrate’s House, Alipore, Calcutta (also Thackeray’s birthplace)
February 1907 - Brabs and unknown
March 1907 - Civil Service stall at Lady Minto’s Fete
February 1907 - The Maidan and Fort William taken from the United Services Club, Calcutta
March 1907- Kinchunjunga taken from the Mall, Darjeeling
April 1907 - The Houghty
April 1907 - SS Khetri - the return to Chandpal Ghat - Talbot, ? and ?
March 1907 - Darjeeling (postcard) - While WHB was Under Secretary - Registrar CCS and Assistant Director of Agriculture
February 1907 - Brabs
April 1907 - A H Levy on SS Khetri
April 1907 - Easter Shoot at Nasriganj, Bihar. WHB to Anna - ¾/1907 -”I had a delightful holiday at Nasriganj at Easter. We went down in the Commissioner Collins’ comfortable steamer, played gold, shot deer and amused ourselves generally….I encountered my first tiger…. but didn’t get a shot in”
THE JOHN BUCHAN STORY Peebles, Scottish Borders
February 1907 - Lady minto’s Fete - WHB back right
February 1907 - Ghost of Todd, ADC
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