April 1909 - Goodbye to his servant at Benares Station (now Varanasi)
April 1909 - Benares Ghats, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh
April 1909 - Bombay Ghats
April 1909 - Homeward bound on 6 months leave - United Services Club, Bombay
April 1909 - Bombay from the Taj
April 1909 - The last of Bombay from the SS Marea
28 April 1909 - Approaching Aden. “Behold a crowd upon the beam; and humped above the sea appears old Aden, like a barrack stove that no one’s lit for years and years” It’s a quote from Kipling’s “For to Admire”
2 May 1909 - SS Australia at Suez. Transhipped to SS Isis
May 1909 - Suez from the Canal
May 1909 - Approaching Brindisi, Italy
5 May 1909 - Disembarking SS Isis at Brindisi
May 1909 - Nearing the Mont Cenis tunnel, later known as the Frejus Tunnel, Bardonecchia, Piedmont, Italy
THE JOHN BUCHAN STORY Peebles, Scottish Borders
October 1909 - Embarking on his return to India from Marseille
October 1909 - SS Mantua at Port Said
October 1909 - A cricket match between the Ship and Port Said. “Watched the match from a comfortable stand”
October 1909 - The Osiris arriving with the mail
October 1909 - Shipping passengers (including Mrs Herbert) at Port Said
October 1909 - THe Suez Canal
October 1909 - Lying at Aden
October 1909 - WB Heycock and WHB
October 1909 - Richardson and Heycock
October 1909 - possibly railway crossing on the Jhalda to Chatra Nagpur Railway (photo damaged)
October, 1909 - Three staff members
October 1909 - The return of the Collector from leave - Heycock on left and Whitty on right at Bindivan (Now known as Vrindavan)
October 1909 - Managing Committee of the first Union in India at Khelanpur and Balarampur
November 1909 - Parassala, Kerala
November 1909 - Irrigation ditch at Gaya, Bihar
November 1909 - Parassala, Kerala
November 1909 - Miss BLack at the Collector’s Bungalow, Gaya, Bihar (WHB met her on the boat -they had friends in common)
November 1909 - On a jungle Rajah’s elephant
November 1909 - The usual method of paddling a stream
17 November 1909 - The wedding of RW Reid and Miss Disney at Muzaffarpur. Known as Bobby Reid and from Brasenose College. WHB was Best Man on the right of the photo. “He is a very lucky man and I think he deserves his luck for he is a good fellow, He has got of the pretties and sweetest women I have met for a long time. I’ll send you a photograph of the show”
6 December 1909 - Durham Waite at the Circuit House, Ranchi, Jharkhand. “Travelled to Ranchi with old Col. Swaine. 7 Dec Up at 06.15. Inspected 6 Ranchi bank branches till breakfast”.
December 1909 - The River Damodar from the Ramgarh Inspection bungalow
December 1909 - Finch White and Dr Macken on the church steps. “Finch White ran some of thebanks very badly and causewd WHB a lot of trouble, He may have been a missionary”
December 1909 - from the road near Ranchi Ghats, Ramgarh
Hunting from an elephant
December 1909 - Church at Chitarpur, Sewai
December 1909 - An example of the cooperative banks, Chitarpur, Ramgarh
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