January 1910 - Tea Party with WHB seated on the right
February 1910 - Chaibassa Tussar Farm, Bhagalpur, Bihar
February 1910 - Dr Danbal, Superintendent, Chaibassa Farm
May 1910 - Teesta Bridge, Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary, Kalimpopng, West Bengal. (Simply a footbridge in those days)
May 1910 - A tea garden on the Kalimpong Road, West Bengal
May 1910 - Teesta River, Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary, near Darjeeling
May 1910 - WHB on the Teesta River Footbridge, Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary, West Bengal
May 1910 - Senchal Golf Course, Darjeeling (It remains to this day)
May 1910 - View from the Club. (There is a club in Darjeeling known as the Gymkhana Club which did exist in 1910
May 1910 - Office of the Director of Agriculture, Darjeeling
12 June 1910 - Proclamation of King George V in Darjeeling
1 July 1910 - Programme for amateur drama event in Darjeeling Town Hall
1 July 1910 - Programme showing WHB appearing in both sketches together with Miss Isla Macpherson to whom he proposedmarriage in 1910. She turned him down and never married. Re sketches - “Most successful. Supped with the Macphersons. Bed 1.30”
Cast of Drama sketches - 2 July “Matinee of both plays. Went splendidly - packed house. I appear to have acted fairly decently”
July 1910 - Third Provincial Cooperative Conference - President as DCCS
October 1910 - Picnicking in the Singalila Wildlife Sanctuary, Darjeeling. Woman on the left may be Isla Macpherson.”Trek out of Darjeeling with Greens and Macphersons. 6th Proposed to Isla Macpherson and was refused very sweetly”
October 1910 - Sunset from Sandakphu, Singalila
25 February 1910 - Board of Agriculture Meeting at Pusa, Bihar. WHB third from left in the front row.
May 1910 - Saux (PMG)
THE JOHN BUCHAN STORY Peebles, Scottish Borders
January 1910 - Hazaribagh from the Jhalda to Chitarpur Road
January 1910 - Bengal Light Horse Camp with Law in thje picture - Cuttack, Odisha
January 1910 - BLH Camp - E Troop Lines
January 1910 - Dr Campbell, Missionary
February 1910 - Smith, Deputy Director of Agriculture. In January WHB asked to deputise for the Director for 6 months because of illness. He was 30 that month.
February 1910 - Taylor, Chemist, Mrs Dobbs and Dobbs, Principal of Bengal Agricultural College, Bhagalpur, Bihar
January 1910 - Daulatpur
DECEMBER 1909 - WHB on cooperative bank business.
October 1910 - Lassie
18 October 1910 - “Today Sankey gave a big picnic at Senchal. (Note the camera in the hands of the lady in front)
18 October 1910 - Sankey’s picnic in Singalila Wildlife Sanctuary, Darjeeling
18 October 1910 - Sankey Picnic
5 November 1910 - The gents being given a fond farewell before settling out on their cycling expedition from Darjeeling to Siliguri via the Teesta Valley
5 November 1910 - Sheila and Isla Mackenzie on the left with their mother on the far right. WHB was turned down by Isla in 1910. Neither of the girls married, Sheila becoming a doctor. They lived together in Scotland
November 1910 - The meeting of the Rangeet and Teesta Rivers taken from the viewpoint on the Peshoke Road
November 1910 - View of the river from the Teesta River footbridge
November 1910- HT Cullis, EC Tanner and WHB at Birik Bungalow in the Teesta Valley
November 1910 - View of the Teesta from the Birik Bungalow
November 1910 - the cyclists on the Birik to Sevoke Road
November 1910 - a side glen off the Teesta
November 1910 - At Sevoke bungalow after lunch
November 1910 - The Teesta leaving the foothills
November 1910 - Cullis and Tanner at Lopchu
November 1910 - The approach to the footbridge
November 1910 - View of the Teesta from the Birik to Sevoke Road
1910 - A few lines mourning the poor jute crop. 26 Sep 1910 - letter to his mother - “Our forecast of the jute crop has created even more violent excitement than we expected, Every day for a week the papers have been full of it and I have had violent telegrams from Dundee and London. Strong (the E Bengal Director and I have been violently attacked and defended at many columns length. Our critics have even broken into verse….I agree with nearly all our critics say and although I think our forecast is a pretty accurate one, I am meditating a fiery letter to Government on the subject”.
5 November 1910 - At Lopchu setting off on the cycling expedition to the Teesta Valley
November 1910 - Darjeeling
November 1910 - The Himalayas from Darjeeling
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