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Crask Books – Latest News from Peter Thackeray! – 3 November 2018

This is the time of year when I usually produce a catalogue. Although I have produced one I am sending it out electronically this year as the costs of printing and distribution have become prohibitive. A small number are being sent out by post to those who do not have internet access and if you specifically want a printed copy please ask and I will send you one. Details of how to order are in the catalogue.

Over the past 12-18 months the John Buchan Story in Peebles have had a substantial number of books donated. Some of these are sold at the Museum but others are sold through me. Whereas 5% of the profits on sales of all books go to the Museum, the arrangement with these books is that 80% goes to the Museum. As well as my usual catalogue I have prepared a catalogue of books for sale on their behalf and this is also attached. Please note that printed versions of this are not available.

I have recently taken a substantial number of books into stock and I am cataloguing these as quickly as I can. Details will be sent out as soon as possible.

Payment can be made by sterling cheque, bank transfer or PayPal. All prices exclude shipping/postage costs; these will be quoted to you when your order is confirmed.As always the price excludes shipping and you can order by email, telephone or post and orders are dealt with strictly on a first come, first served basis.


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2018 catalogue

Special Openings for the Armistice – 10 November 2018

The Museum will open:


After the children’s parade in Peebles on Saturday the 10th

NOW IN THE MUSEUM! – JB’s Blackfoot Hide Cloak & Gauntlets

The Blackfoot hide cloak and gauntlets were presented to John Buchan, Governor General of Canada by Chief Shot-both-Sides.

The cape is possibly made of deer hide, decorated with fringing and appliquèd satin ribbons with embroidered medallions in the centre and corners.

The gauntlets are hide with glass beadwork floral motifs and a paler hide fringing. They are lined with a quilted satin.

Visit the John Buchan Story museum and see it for real!

2018 Winners of the Runagates Club – 27 August 2018


This year’s Runagates Club draw took place on the 27 August – the day after Buchan’s birthday! – in the museum just before Ian Buckingham (Chairman of the Museum Trust) began his talk “John Buchan and the First Nations of Canada”. The photo shows our Treasurer, Peter Macnab, drawing the winning number, 32. The lucky winner with a prize of £390 was William (Bill) Galbraith from Canada. The second prize of £117 (=3x£39) was won by Tom Steele from Peebles with the lucky number of 13.

For further details of the Club please go to the Runagates Club page on this site.


Something to look forward to! – Update 11 January 2018

Ursula Buchan read Modern History at Cambridge and was for many years a gardening journalist and author, but has recently turned more to social history, with a study of gardening in the Second World War. She has written 17 books so far. She is a daughter of John Buchan’s second son, William.

It’s been more than twenty years since the last full-length biography of John Buchan was published, so it’s good to know that another one is on the way. Ursula Buchan is at present engaged on writing a ‘life’ of her grandfather, to be published by Bloomsbury Publishing in late 2018, all being well. Ursula is very grateful that she’s been able to study the archives and photographs held in the Museum in Peebles, amongst many other places. Last year, she spent several weeks in Canada, doing research in the archives held by Queen’s University, and visiting the places where John Buchan and his wife, Susan, lived when he was Governor-General. She hopes to finish the book by the end of the year. When asked, she said it was the most fascinating project that she had ever attempted.

We are delighted to hear that Ursula Buchan is busy with her pen! We will keep you posted on her progress! And the latest news for 2018 is that the manuscript will shortly be sent tp the publishers – progress indeed!


News! The publication date for Ursula’s book is March 2019!

Winners of the Broughton Horticultural Society John Buchan Handwriting Competition – 25 August 2018

We are delighted to announce the winners of the John Buchan Handwriting Competition for 2018. The entries were judged at the Broughton Horticultural Society Show on the 25th August. The task was to copy – in best handwriting – an extract from Buchan’s novel “Prester John”.

The winner of the 8 to 9 year olds (Class 150) was Lauren Smith  and of the 10 to 12 year olds (Class 151) was Charlotte Green – they each received the Buchan Memorial Prize.

Second prizes went to Chloe taylor and Struan McKenzie

Third prizes went to James Stewart and Alexander Millar

Congratulations to all the prize winners from all at the John Buchan Story museum!

The winning entries are on display in the John Buchan Story museum, Peebles.



ITV Award for the Watch Border Life 2017 programme on the John Buchan Museum – 9 June 2018

On the 9th June 2018, the John Buchan episode took the Bronze award for the Watch Border Life feature programme 2017 at the ITV one awards

To watch the programme please click on the following link:

Irene Macdougall gives voice to the missing female characters of The 39 Steps – Neil Cooper, Theatre critic, The Herald, 7 June 2018

“The Thirty-Nine Steps” takes to stage again! This article appeared in the Herald on the 7 June 2018.!


Irene Macdougall gives voice to the missing female characters of The 39 Steps


Or read the article on The Herald’s web site:

History graduate puts famous Scottish author’s wartime propaganda on show – Peeblesshire News 29 May 2018

Emma Small’s work for the John Buchan Story has reached the Peeblesshire News. To read the  article, please click on the line below

Buchan’s work as propaganda chief explored in new exhibition – The Herald, 17 May 2018 by Phil Miller

HE was the Scottish writer of spy adventures and international intrigue.

Now the wartime propaganda work of John Buchan, creator of The Thirty Nine Steps, can be shown in a new light by a major new exhibition at the museum dedicated to his work.

Buchan, as well as being a world famous writer, directed wartime information for the government in the First World War, and a new study of his propaganda career shows how the writer worked in a atmosphere of intrigue and turmoil.

The new exhibition, at the John Buchan Story Museum in Peebles, delves into the work of Buchan, born in Perth in 1875, when he was Director of Information.

The show, compiled by Emma Small, a history graduate of the University of Sunderland, traces his work from 1916 to 1919 and shows how his position influenced his novel Mr Standfast, which was published in 1919.

The museum’s work was hindered by the “thorough” way Buchan destroyed nearly all his paperwork from his time at the Government.

Dr Peter Worthington, chair of the John Buchan Story, said the research showed that Buchan’s time as director was marred by opposition from the Daily Chronicle, a newspaper of the time and the ambitions of Sir Robert Donald, its editor.

The Chronicle ran from 1872 to 1930, and Sir Robert was on the advisory committee of the Department of Information, and made Buchan’s life difficult with his scheming for position.

Dr Worthington added: “What intrigued us was the very difficult relationship Buchan had with the Chronicle, and that its editor essentially wanted to do Buchan’s job.”

Buchan, he said, “never got on with Lloyd George”.

David Lloyd George, the British Prime Minister, who was a friend for a time with Donald, went on to buy the Chronicle.

“I think a lot of people of course known Buchan for his writing, but this exhibition casts a new light on his work in the war years,” he added.

“Without Emma’s contribution the current exhibition would not have been possible.

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