In 1928 John Buchan published “The Runagates Club”. What is the Runagates Club? In the author’s words:

“Founded just after the close of the War by a few people who had been leading queer lives and wanted to keep together, it was a gathering of youngish men who met only for reminiscences and relaxation. It was officially limited to fifteen members – fifteen, because a dozen was dull, thirteen was unlucky, and fourteen had in those days an unpleasing flavour of President Wilson and his points.”

The Treasurers of the John Buchan Story and the John Buchan Society have collaborated to form such a club – in the spirit of the 1928 Club – to provide additional income for both societies.

Our Club is limited to 390 members – known as Vagabonds who buy one or more Vaga-bonds for an annual sum of £39 per bond.


This year’s Runagates Club draw took place on the 27 August – the day after Buchan’s birthday! – in the museum just before the Pentland Writers presented their delightful “John Buchan Experience”.
The photo shows John Buchan’s great, great, granddaughter, Dorothy holding the winning number, 49. The draw was supervised by our Museum Chairman, Peter Worthington, to ensure there was no foul play from the Black Stone guys!

The lucky winner with a prize of £390 (10 x 39) was Sally Packe from Linlithgow. The second prize of £117 (3 x 39)  was awarded to Eleanor Buchan from London with the lucky number of 52.

Our Vagabond supporters have enabled us to purchase items such as a new ipad for the Museum and commissioning a company to work on the techy bit to start to show some of the vast amount of material held on line and in our archive. We plan to extend this work so that our visitors can spend even longer in the Museum playing with a new device!

The ipad has proved very popular, so THANK YOU for supporting us via your Vagabond payment. Sorry if you were not a winner this year, but two people will be very satisfied anyway…. we have suggested they use some of their winnings to purchase a copy of the Runagates Club book, if they have not read it yet!