THE JOHN BUCHAN STORY Peebles, Scottish Borders

The Runagates Club

In 1928 , John Buchan published “ The Runagates Club ”. What is the Runagates Club? In the author’s words: “Founded just after the close of the War by a few people who had been leading queer lives and wanted to keep together, it was a gathering of youngish men who met only for reminiscences and relaxation. It was officially limited to fifteen members fifteen because a dozen was dull, thirteen was unlucky and fourteen had in those days an unpleasing flavour of President Wilson and his points.” The Treasurers of the John Buchan Story and the J ohn Buchan Society have collaborated to form such a club – in the spirit of the 1928 Club – to provide additional income for both the Museum and the Society. Our Club is limited to 390 members known as Vagabonds who buy one or more Vaga-bonds for an annual sum of £39 per bond.
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The Runagates Draw 2023 - 20th November

The 2023 Runagates Draw took place on the 20th November. The winning numbers were drawn by Richard Love , Chairman of the John Buchan Society. This is the annual draw that takes place this time of the year, based on our supporters contributing £39pa for the chance to win either £390 (first prize) or £117 (second prize). This is based on 10 x 39 (steps) or 3 x 39! The winning ticket this year was number 52, a supporter from London. The second prize winner is from Glasgow, number 27. Congratulations to both winners. So THANK YOU to everyone who participates in this – Buchan Society members; our volunteers; Museum supporters. This enables us to fund a variety of improvements in the Museum and for the benefit of the John Buchan Society, as proceeds are split 50/50.