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Guides to John Buchan’s Writing by Peter Thackeray In descriptions of John Buchan’s books there is often reference to ‘Blanchard’. In this article, Peter explains the significance of the ‘Blanchard’ and the details of John Buchan’s writing. Please click on the links below to read Peter’s articles.
Crask Books (formerly SMS Books) was formed out of my John Buchan collecting habit some 15 years ago. Through a series of unexpected events we became, some 9 years ago, the largest dealers in the world of books by and about John Buchan and his family. The aim is to keep as wide a range as possible but, because of the extreme rarity of some of his works we can never have everything that was written by JB. For full details of all our services, for a current stock list or for any book-related queries you can contact us as follows: email: telephone: (+44) 7947 733860 mail: 1 Halls Brook, East Leake, Loughborough, LE12 6HE
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May 2022 ~ Victoriana - Stevenson, Haggard, Kipling

and others

This time we concentrate on the Victorian era, a time of a great outpouring of fiction writing. The attached list is principally, but not entirely, made up of the works of Robert Louis Stevenson, H Rider Haggard and Rudyard Kipling. On this occasion I have put the book descriptions and the pictures on separate pdf documents as I think this may make it easier to navigate between descriptions and pictures. The usual procedures apply and are noted at the foot of this email. May I also give you details of a couple of interesting books. Both are by Dr David Weekes, a long-standing John Buchan Society member. These are not available through Crask Books but the links below will take you to them on Amazon. John Buchan's Kid Brother John Buchan's Faith The first deals with the life of Buchan's youngest brother, Alastair. Perhaps all that many know of him is that he was killed during WWI at the Battle of Arras and is listed on the Peebles War memorial. This book explores his life more fully and takes us to some interesting related areas of the Buchan family. The second deals with the way in which Buchan's Christian faith was integral to his life and went far beyond simply bringing him to use many Biblical references and concepts in his writing. Both are good value! Best wishes Peter Three Victorian Writers’ Pictures Victorians