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A Small Collection of JB books ~ October 2023 Hello everyone I have been asked to dispose of a small collection of books by JB and related to him. The collection covers a wide range of writing by and about JB. The usual details are attached as well as pictures of the books. Please note that if you buy two or more books from this collection the total price will be reduced by 10%. The usual ordering notes are at the end of the email. Best regards Peter Please click here to see the collection list.
Crask Books (formerly SMS Books) was formed out of my John Buchan collecting habit some 15 years ago. Through a series of unexpected events we became, some 9 years ago, the largest dealers in the world of books by and about John Buchan and his family. The aim is to keep as wide a range as possible but, because of the extreme rarity of some of his works we can never have everything that was written by JB. For full details of all our services, for a current stock list or for any book-related queries you can contact us as follows: email: telephone: (+44) 7947 733860 mail: 1 Halls Brook, East Leake, Loughborough, LE12 6HE
An interesting assortment of new stock - general and John Buchan ~ October 2023 Hello everyone Even though I am winding down Crask Books there are still new items of stock that come my way and the usual list is attached together with photos. An eclectic mix on this occasion. There are books of Northern Ireland interest, about Georgian house conservation, Christian history, some rare John Buchan works and a small collection of original front pages of Land & Water magazine from 1916 with their regular Raemakers cartoons - and more! Best regards Peter Please click here to see the collection list and here to view the pictures.
All Gas & Gaiters? ~ November 2023 Hello everyone Some of you (if you are as old as me!) may remember this comedy from the late 1960s, described on IMDB as "an ecclesiastical sitcom". This is just a convoluted way of introducing you to some books which are outside my normal area of expertise but which I am selling on behalf of the churchwardens of a Northamptonshire village church. Some time ago they approached me to ask if I could advice on the disposal of a number of old ecclesiastical books discovered in an old cupboard at the church - so here they are. Many are in a poorer condition than I would normally sell, although the poorest have been scrapped. However, I know there are some folk who dabble at the restoration of old Bibles & prayer books, and some who collect such things. As well as these, there are a few other books which have come via the same source. Now for the unusual bit. Because I do not normally dabble in this area of book collecting, I am not absolutely sure concerning some of the prices. So, if anything catches your eye but you feel the price is a bit adrift, feel free to make me an offer; that does not mean, of course, that it will necessarily be accepted. Naturally, the more that sell at the advertised price, the more the church receives. As always, fell free to ask questions about any of the books or to request additional pictures. Best regards Peter Please click here to see the collection list and here to view the pictures.