THE JOHN BUCHAN STORY Peebles, Scottish Borders


Besides having for sale a selection of new and “pre-loved” books by John Buchan and Anna Buchan (“O. Douglas”) we have a number of practical gifts.
“The 39 Steps”, “Greenmantle”, “Mr Standfast”, “Witch Wood” & “Priorsford” Mugs “The 39 Steps”, “Greenmantle” and “Mr Standfast” commemorate Buchan’s first three Richard Hannay adventures and “Witch Wood” - JB’s favourite story! But, not to forget Anna Buchan, we have a mug to commemorate “Priorsford”. The price is £7 (+£2.00 postage). To order a Mug please click on SHOP and you will be directed to our SumUp shop. .
“Hail to Priorsford” - Now published and Available! Hail to Priorsford is not an autobiography of Anna Buchan but a collection of writings by three people, Deborah Stewartby, Andrena Telford and Shirley Neilson. They each have different styles and the writings overlap and sometimes contradict each other; but the authors share a commonality – a deep interest and delight in Anna’s life and writings. Furthermore, each thinks Anna’s books deserve a wider audience and hope these contributions will bring new readers to Anna’s books and recognise her importance in the life, not only of the town of Peebles, but of her brother, John Buchan. The prices are £7.50 (+ £2.00 postage) for the paper book and £4.50 for the downloadable e-book. To order the book please click on SHOP and you will be directed to the SumUp shop.
POLYGON “Authorised” Editions of Buchan’s Popular Novels The John Buchan Story Museum is delighted to co-operate with Polygon Books in the publishing of John Buchan’s works in paperback. To date, they have published The Thirty-nine Steps, Greenmantle, Mr Standfast, The Three Hostages, The Island of Sheep, The Free Fishers, Midwinter, John Burnet of Barns, John Macnab, Prester John, The Power House and Sick Heart River. The prices range from £6.99 to £8.99 and copies may be obtained from our SumUp shop by clicking on SHOP